Run Fit

Poor running technique not only slows you down but it can also do long term damage to your joints and soft tissue. At Abbey View Physiotherapy we offer a Run Fit assessment based on “The Running School” training system Julia uses video analysis to assess your running gait, technique and foot position. We are then able to give you individual advice on how to protect yourself from injury and improve your technique thereby enhancing efficiency, increasing running distances and reducing overall times.

Run Fit session with Julia takes an hour, you need to bring your running gear, new and old running shoes, insoles or orthotics and your eveyday footwear. We would like you to bring your training diary but if you don't have one we email you a template training diary to fill in for the previous month.

Run Fit at Abbey View Physiotherapy can also be used as a rehabilitation tool. For example some of Julia's and Anna's patients with frozen shoulder injuries will have changed the way they walk and run to avoid pain. This can cause problems in other areas. Run Fit can be a useful tool to return the body to using normal movement patterns.