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Abbey View Physiotherapy, Shaftesbury

Bike Fit

Cycling is the third most popular recreational activity in the UK, an estimated  3.1million people ride a bike at least  once a month. It’s a great way to keep fit, lose weight and improve muscle tone. Unlike running it is relatively low impact, making it less stressful and wearing on your joints. If you are one of those 3.1million why not visit us Abbey View Physiotherapy for a Bike Fit and let us help you get the most out of cycling by customising your bike to suit your frame and style.

Each Bike Fit appointment takes and hour and is conducted by Anna Leigh who was trained under Michael Callaghan Ph. D., M.Phil. & MCSP, who was physiotherapist to both The British and Sky cycling teams. She will assess you both on and off your bike, measure your bike’s saddle height and angle, cleat position and handle bar distance amongst other settings. Using our turbo trainer and video equipment she can evaluate your riding style, check to see if you are working evenly on both sides and assess your overall efficiency. By identifying and correcting potential weaknesses in technique she can improve your biometrics giving you better speed and power. All of this information is used to adjust your bike’s settings, putting you in the optimal riding position for your frame and style, ensuring you get the most out of cycling.

Typically we see cyclists at the point of injury, pain or inflammation. Some of these problems can be easily avoided by riding in the optimal position from the start. At Abbey View Physiotherapy we prefer preventing injuries to treating them – keeping you on the road and doing what you enjoy.

What will we do?

The treatment method we use will depend on what symptoms you are experiencing as we have many different approaches we can use.

We will start with a thorough assessment of any concerns and always look at the body as a whole and if your biomechanics are contributing to any injury or degeneration.  We will test for joint, muscle, nerve concerns and then complete special test to check ligaments, tendons and other soft tissues that may be under stress.

We are the best equipped at Abbey View Physiotherapy with up to date training and equipment to get you in less pain and help you improve function and life your best life

For example, for a soft tissue problem we may use shockwave and myo-fascial release or Acupuncture to aid the muscle release and improve soft tissue healing and reduce pain levels.  Whereas for a joint related issue we may use Laser alongside joint mobilisations and provide you with an exercise plan for self management.
We will always aim to restore normal movement for you and have software to enable us to send you simple exercise programs with videos to make them easy to follow.

How much will it cost?

For £115 both set up and Treatment will be included (90min). For set up only it is £90.