All of us will need Physiotherapy at some point in our lives be it acute injury, rehabilitation post-surgery, arthritis or chronic pain.   At Abbey View Physiotherapy we aim to treat the cause as well as the symptom, our appointments are slightly longer than standard as we pride ourselves on evaluating and treating the cause of the injury as well as the injury itself.  We can treat a wide range of both acute and chronic neuromuscular conditions using research and evidence based treatment techniques including: joint mobilisations, manipulation, soft tissue and fascial release techniques, acupuncture, electrotherapy, massage and rehabilitative exercise therapy.  

Abbey View Physiotherapy are experts on the provision of specific rehabilitation programs that are designed to meet an individual’s needs and goals.

In our clinic we often use a Functional Movement Screening approach where we look at movement patterns throughout your whole body. For example if you come our clinic with a heel problem don't be surprised if we look at your shoulders! 

A recent example of The Abbey View Physiotherapy approach 

A female golfer presented at the clinic with right knee pain. On assessment it was obvious that essential Physiotherapy work was required to treat the ladies knee to increase range of movement and strength in her right knee and to decrease pain.


Abbey View Physiotherapy did not stop there…..

It was important to look at this ladies golf swing which revealed that she was stiff through her mid back thus decreasing the rotation through the golf swing and causing increased force through her right knee resulting in pain. Without treating her back in addition to her knee this ladies pain was likely to return when she continued to play golf. Just one example of how we can discover and treat the cause of your problem and potentially improve your golf swing!