Pilates is one of the best forms of exercise for building core strength.  Pilates is essentially a mind-body centering technique that emphasises beginning movements from a central core of stability.  Concentration is vital to ensure the pathways between the brain and the muscles become your normal movement patterns.  Through a series of controlled movements which focus on alignment and breathing you will work your muscles against gravity and resistance to build stamina, flexibility and ultimately strength.  At Abbey View Physiotherapy our classes are small and are grouped by level, ability and experience which means we can find just the right group for you.  Most classes are limited to 6 people and  certainly no more than 8 and last an hour.  Routines are changed regularly and are developed to make sure you get results.

Many aches and injuries are caused by imbalances in the body from poor habitual patterns of movement.  If you spend many hours a week slumped over your desk, sitting in the car driving to and from work, performing repetitive actions while at work, sitting on the sofa in the evening or propped up in bed on your lap top you have probably developed poor  movement patterns and are putting yourself at risk of strains, tears, impingement problems or too much joint wear and tear.  Modified Pilates by Physiotherpists is designed to get your biomechanics optimal and give you the best chance of staying injury free and fit for longer.

Classes run throughout the week mornings and evenings at Abbey View Physiotherapy Clinic 

To find a time to suit you please contact us 01747 856 719

If you and 5 friends are interested in having your own class we are happy to look at booking in a regular slot just for you