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GENERAL NUTRITION: Choosing what to eat effects how you feel today, tomorrow and in the future - getting the right balance helps maintain not only a healthy weight but can enhance energy levels and prevent certain illnesses.  A good diet is as important as exercise when it comes to living a healty lifestyle. Over the last few decades mortality has been increasing - so we are living longer - BUT morbidity has also been increasing - so we are needing to go to our Doctors earlier in life with life restricting illnesses.  Basically we are spending more of our lives now with a lower quality of life and doing this for longer.  

For us optimising nutrition is about evidence based advice to help improve the quality of your life, avoid illness, injury, and help you live well for longer. 

At Abbey View Physiotherapy we can offer a simple interview, diet and lifestyle chat to a full diet analysis with body composition.   Weather you are an athlete looking to fuel your performance or just curious to know if you are eating the right nutrients for your lifestyle we can tailor the assessment to suit your needs.

EAT FIT PROGRAM:   During a one hour Eat Fit assessment we take the time to understand you as an individual by including the following:

  • Analysis of a 2-3 day food & activity diary that you will have been asked to fill in before your appointment
  • Full Body Composition Analysis to establish fat %, lean body mass, weight, skin fold measurements
  • Interview to understand you as an individual - identify goals, conderns, habbits, likes and dislikes 
  • Calculation of reseting metabolic rate to work out how much of each nutrient you actually require to fuel your lifestyle

We use all of the above information to create the ideal diet for your body and lifestyle but we also aim to understand the triggers and temptations you are influenced by and set realistic and achievable goals.  Follow up appointments are used to check and tweak the plan to make sure that you can stay on the right track.  Our eating suggestions aim not to be restrictive and limiting - we want you to live a healthier life but also a happier one. 

BULKING UP: There is a fine line between optimising gains and just putting on weight.  By Analysing what nutrients you are getting and linking them to your training schedule we can ensure you reach your chosen goals.

PERFORMANCE NUTRITION: Having spent 2 years training with the International Olympic Committee Anna can advice you on how to eat to give you the energy to train, keep you match fit throughout the season or help you fuel an Ironman from start to finish.

NUTRITION LECTURES:  Having 3 children of her own Anna has been concerned about the lack of education children are given around this important area and on how to get the most out of life.  Therefore over the last few years Anna has been guest Lecturing at senior schools on Nutrition.   In an ideal situation these Lectures are offered seperately to males and females as their nutrient focus and requirements vary but a general lecture will cover some concerns identified from both.  Lectures can be as broad or as specific as needed and will be tailored to each schools requests.  To make it more practical for boarders Anna will analyse a few days from the schools menu to give them suggestions on how to hit targets. 

Key suggested topics covered - 

  • Macronutrient and Micronutrient breakdown - how to get what from where
  • Requirements for males and females around key development stages
  • Issues around not hitting nutrient targets
  • How to fuel sport to stay injury/illness free and stay match fit throughout the year
  • Concerns around disordered eating
  • Warnings about the supplement industry

Other Lectures have been at sports clubs where the focus is more towards fuelling training and performance for matches and events.

If you would like further information about any Lectures or Nutrition Assessments please send us a note on the book now link - top or bottom of the page or call us on 01747 856719 or 07780902890
Please also keep an eye on ours events page for our free seminar evenings where we will be including nutrition talks around specific sports and events